Regent Students Choose God During Spring Break


As the majority of college students went on vacation during spring break, students from Regent University experienced the call of the Holy Spirit during an outpouring of spiritual renewal.

It seems that God has been pursuing the GenZ after the successful unplanned revival in Asbury University, which many other Christian universities followed. Now, a university in Virginia has experienced it, too. Students, faculty, and staff at Regent’s Virginia Beach campus recently convened for impromptu worship gathering and prayer. Some gatherings lasted up to six hours and have been filled with “humble worship, teaching of scripture, prayer, repentance, and spiritual renewal.”

This current outpouring is like their coming-of-age party, where Jesus says to them, ‘I see you. Welcome to the table.’ —Dr. Jeff Gossmann, Regent University’s Director of Campus Ministries

Regent University decided to make room for revival and scheduled open prayer and worship from March 6-10. “This is their moment where God is getting a hold of (Gen Z) hearts,” said Regent’s School of Divinity Dean, Dr. Corne Bekker. “Their eyes are opening, and they are surrendering their lives to Christ.”

“God is making known his claim on GenZ,” said Regent’s Director of Campus Ministries Dr. Jeff Gossmann who also visited the Asbury revival earlier. “This generation has suffered so much loss due to the pandemic. This current outpouring is like their coming-of-age party, where Jesus says to them, ‘I see you. Welcome to the table.'”

The campus held an evening worship service on February 20. It was a hit among the students that several services followed. Gossmann told The Christian Post that about 200 people worshipped together, singing with all their hearts and tears in their eyes.

“Many students sat on the floor throughout the chapel with their Bibles open, writing in their journals,” Gossmann recounted. “Each night at least 10 students approached me, asking permission to share a short exhortation from a Scripture the Holy Spirit highlighted during worship. Those words of encouragement were spread throughout the night, occurring every 20-30 minutes.”

Meantime, Dr. John-Paul Lotz, associate professor at the Regent University School of Divinity, shared that what he witnessed in Asbury was a legitimate experience of people sharing their love of God and serving others because of it. “GenZ is graciously allowing us to peek in on this surprising work of God as they serve us like priests, unconsciously dragging us into the presence of the Lord through young, redeemed, romantic hearts for God. Christ is being honored, God is being glorified, the Spirit is at liberty.”

Gossmann pointed out that, “We’re not pursuing revival — we’re pursuing Jesus Christ. He is reviving His Church on university campuses everywhere. We’re merely letting down our sails and inviting His Holy Spirit to push us closer to His heavenward calling in Christ Jesus.”

Dean Bekker firmly believes that, “The time is now; the kingdom of God is here. What should be our response? Repent and believe in the Good News.”

Joyce Dimaculangan
Joyce Dimaculangan
Joyce has more than 15 years experience writing news, industry articles and blogs for the private and public sectors. Most of her career was spent writing technical documentation for a software company in the Philippines. She earned a B.A. in Communication Arts with a concentration in writing from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños. During her leisure time, Joyce pursues her interest in reading fiction and playing with her dogs. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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