Article Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines when submitting an article for publication:

The Mission of One Community Voice

One Community Voice is a news magazine about people and the communities in which they live. We are ordinary people living in community. Extraordinary people doing amazing things. Innovative. Creative. Caring. 

These stories from our neighbors motivate us to live in peace and contentment, to accomplish our dreams, to build stronger relationships, and to take action on behalf of others. 

One Community Voice is a platform to tell these stories: a voice of hope and Truth, unity and peace, in today’s chaotic cultural environment.

Your stories inspire hope, offer encouragement, and provide proof that with faith and perseverance, anything is possible. 

Guidelines for Article Submission

1. Articles must be high quality, 500 or more words, in keeping with Biblical standards.

2. Articles must be journalistic in style, written about the people, events or organizations within the geographic area of the writer’s publication. These topics are about other people, places and events, rather than the writer’s own personal knowledge or expertise.

3. Any statistical information that is quoted must include the source.

4. Prior approval must be established from a representative of One Community Voice before you reach out to a person, event, company, or organization on behalf of One Community Voice or any of its divisions.

Journalistic Articles are characterized by the following qualities:

  1. Journalistic articles have headlines and content that are exciting, emotional, dramatic, time sensitive and relevant to the local population. Relevance could mean that a local resident has a connection to a story of national interest.
  2. Journalistic articles have sentence structure and vocabulary that is easy to read.
    The paragraphs are short—one to three sentences in length.
  3. Journalistic articles give the most important information first, which each new paragraph containing supporting details that are successively less important.
  4. In addition to general and breaking news from the community, our articles also include news written relative to the community (for example, the writer may interview local people about their experience during a natural disaster or other trauma that recently took place in their community).
  5. Topics must be varied across categories and people. One individual or organization must not be disproportionately represented from the rest of the population.
  6. At least one quotation from any of the people involved should always be included.
  7. Please include at least one image of people, events, or missional activities.
  8. The author’s biography and image must be included for the author of the story, either as a guest author at the end of the article or by creating a user profile for the author.
  9. Any relevant videos must be uploaded to our Youtube channel and not to the website. If the division does not have a Youtube channel then arrangements can be made to upload it to One Community Voice’s Youtube channel prior to the article being published.
  10. Articles are property of One Community Voice, LLC. If permission is granted to copy and re-publish the article to websites outside of One Community Voice, the publication must include attribution to the division, including a link to the originally published article and to One Community Voice, LLC.

Purchased Content
One Community Voice purchases news articles that are written to cover actual, current events and stories that are written for the purpose of publishing in a specific geographic location covered by One Community Voice.  All articles that will be reimbursed must be approved in writing by one of our writers prior to beginning the project.

Articles submitted to One Community Voice for reimbursement must be written exclusively for one or more of One Community Voice’s publications, and must not have been previously published or submitted to any other publisher. All articles written for One Community Voice become the property of One Community Voice and all of its subsidiaries. Permission for reprint must be obtained from One Community Voice and references must be made to the original article with appropriate links back to One Community Voice.

Articles must not be written for the purpose of promoting a person, business entity, organization, product, or service.

Powerful, pithy content is attractive to today’s readers. We therefore recommend a length of approximately 750-1,200 words. Longer submissions may be divided into more than one published article.

Microsoft Word documents with a simple font, such as Times New Roman, are the most convenient standard for us. You may also simply paste the article in the body of an email.  Please do not send PDF files.  References in the article must include relevant links to online sources. Please use standard reference protocol.

Please include verifiable contact and credential information with all submissions. We will include a short, one to four sentence bio sketch of the author with each published article. Company affiliation as it relates to the article (one mention), and social media contacts are permissible in the author bio only. Reference to specific products, services or proprietary techniques is prohibited.

If an article is accepted for publication, an “Assignment of Copyright” form will be sent to you. It must be signed and returned before we can publish your work. This form ensures that you have not published your work elsewhere and that if it is published subsequently in any non-One Community Voice format, it must include acknowledgement of the One Community Voice publication in which it originally appeared. This also allows One Community Voice to protect you from those who would attempt to reprint your article without permission.

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