How One Local Family is Inspiring Generational Philanthropy


Boca Raton residents, Dwight and Jessica Gorall recently gifted Place of Hope with a $300,000 multi-year donation that will go toward the construction of a new transitional affordable housing apartment building at their Leighan and David Rinker Campus in Boca Raton, as well as toward Place of Hope’s “God’s Children. Our Future.” Campaign.

“We are grateful and fortunate that financially we’re in this position and to have this be a major part of our life going forward, to see the success of the organization as it grows and moves forward,” said Dwight.

A former educator, Jessica grew up in a single family household and has not only witnessed the struggles of families in need, but also experienced it firsthand.

I was raised by a single mother who would often work two or three jobs just to put food on the table. Despite those tough times, she managed to instill the importance of giving back.

“I was raised by a single mother who would often work two or three jobs just to put food on the table. Despite those tough times, she managed to instill the importance of giving back. We didn’t have money, but there was always something going on. She was a dental hygienist so she would clean teeth for people who didn’t have money,” said Jessica Gorall.

For most of her life Jessica found ways to volunteer and give back, whether it’s handing out meals at Thanksgiving or presents at Christmas. That’s why, for her, this financial donation has special meaning. “And now, of course, it’s not just our time that we can give, but now we can do it financially, which makes it, for us, for me, a dream come true,” Jessica shares.

The Goralls have tried to instill the importance of giving back to their children as well, “Ultimately, we wanted to make this part of the family and not just an individual doing this.” Dwight Gorall

“Do you realize that every minute, every dime that you give to this charity is making a difference.“ Jessica credits the organization because, “They are not just going to give them dinner and a roof over their head and a bed. They give them a workout room where they can go, and they can get some physical activity, a shop where they can access nice clothes, teach them how to interview, how to cook…the facilities, everything they have to offer there is towards success out in the real world.”

“It’s their focus on the future that got my attention,” Jessica said. “From my perspective, it’s all about the plan. The plan of the curriculum, the education enrichment, and making sure that it gets executed. The life lessons how to be financially aware of everything. All of the life lessons their plan encompasses is big for me.”

Jessica goes on to say, “How do we help them when they leave here? And that’s exactly what Place of Hope does. They get them a future outside of Place of Hope.”

Charles Bender, Place of Hope CEO and board member said, “We are grateful for the Goralls, their leadership, and generosity. Dwight and Jessica are “Protectors” in our campaign, and they are creating a legacy and transitioning the least of these toward success!“

Jaimie Bond, Director of Advancement, offers, “If you desire to join Dwight and Jessica and other leaders to help us build more critical housing during this affordability crisis, please contact Place of Hope today for more information about their campaign, “God’s Children. Our future.“

About Place of Hope

Place of Hope is a faith-based, state-licensed organization providing programs and services to children, youth, and families to end the cycles of abuse, neglect, homelessness, poverty, and human trafficking in our local communities.

They are the largest, most diverse children and families organization spanning Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, whose goal is to find healing and restoration, leading to a brighter future for the people they serve.

Place of Hope has been providing a stable and loving environment for children, youth and families who are hurting since their foundation in 1999, through the inspiration of Donna Mullins, of Christ Fellowship.

Serving Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast, they provided many services to local residents, including:

  • Family outreach and intervention
  • Maternity care for young, single mothers
  • Safety, recovery, and restoration for human trafficking victims and survivors
  • Affordable transitional housing, independent living, and support services for young adults
  • Housing and support for homeless youth and families in transition
  • High-quality family-style neighborhood foster care
  • Emergency placement and support services for foster youth

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