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Monday, November 23, 2020

President-elect Biden Puts His Faith in Maiden Speech

President-elect Joe Biden addressed a crowd in Wilmington, Delaware on November 7 where he recited the hymn, "On Eagle's Wings" and pledged to be a president "who seeks not to divide, but to unify."

Christians in UK Find the Bible as a Vital Tool During Pandemic

A recent study reveals that the Bible serves as an important tool for Christians in the UK in coping up with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s Blanket Time!

We are blessed to live in a Tropical Paradise. This summer, it was 92 degrees with 100% humidity and when it is hot and steamy, the very...

Bible Stories Reenacted with Playmobil

A German author launched a YouTube series which reenacts stories from the Bible with Playmobil figures.

Clergy Calls for UK Second Lockdown to be a Month of Prayer

A church leader in the UK has urged the Church of England to observe a month of prayer as England starts its second national lockdown.

French Christians Call for Peace Amid Terror Attacks

Church leaders in France call for peace as the country mourns for three people who were killed at a Catholic cathedral in Nice, France on October 29.

There’s an Angel Building an Ark on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach

Angel Tirado isn't a woodworker by trade, but he knows one and he's building an ark for Him. The past four years Angel has tirelessly served the homeless population from...

More than 1,000 Faith Leaders Call for ‘Free and Fair Election’

More than 1,000 faith leaders, religious scholars and clergy members issued a statement calling for a "free and fair election."

Bethesda Memorial Hospital is getting a New Chaplain

Few places are more deserving of spiritual advisors than hospitals. Between the people seeking to be healed and the staff tasked with their healing, spiritual advising often serves as...

Catholic Charismatics – Do they really exist?

Like four leaf clovers, or perfect diamonds, Catholic Charismatics do exist, but they are hard to find because this type of worship is currently “underground”. Holding your hands up while...