‘Left Behind, Rise of the AntiChrist’ Review


Back in 1995, Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins began writing the book titled “Left Behind” and the ensuing series.  If you don’t know about it, the series discusses the end times prophecy of The Rapture and what the immediate aftermath might look like.  It was written in such a way as to build a great and realistic story line around this future event.  

Since that time, a number of people have attempted to bring this series to the silver screen, and while some of those have been okay, most of them lacked the “I gotta tell all of my friends about this.”  That said, the last rendition of this movie which I touched on in this article from 2014, was the best, until now.

Actor/Director Kevin Sorbo and his team put their heads together and while they absolutely stuck to the base story line from the original book, they had to update things a bit to bring the story current with the ever-increasing insanity that is happening in today’s world.  They included such things as the recent/ongoing pandemic, current state of world unrest, failing economies, and, if one was paying attention, they even mentioned “Davos.”

In short, they laid out the condition of the world that we all know about and live in, and show just how easily the world power structure could and will be consolidated into the hands of one singular leader, and how so many would willingly allow themselves to be deceived and follow such a leader just as they donned masks and lined up for an untested “vaccine” without question.  And, dear readers, before you get upset by that, I totally understand that many were forced to comply with “pandemic mandates” for many reasons including employment, travel, and a host of other reasons.  Which by the way, this writer believes will seem a trivial inconvenience by comparison to what the one called “antichrist” will attempt to force upon the world with an “or else” threat attached.

The most important thing is that we don’t miss the point of the books and subsequent movies, and that point copied below is taken from my last article on the subject:

“Throughout history God has done many dramatic things to send wake-up calls our way and remind us of Who He is. Lots of people have heeded those things and lots of others have ignored them.  This will be very different though and here’s why.  

With the exception of the world-wide flood of Noah’s day, anytime He has wanted to get our attention in the past, the events were mostly confined to smaller specific regions. Given that there was no electronic mass media to record and distribute the information, His prophets spread the word, and the information was spread and shared throughout the ages.”

My friends, none of this, not the books or the movies, are meant to cause fear or panic or anything like that.  My goal, which is the same as the authors and the movie makers is to hopefully awaken an awareness of the very real state of the Biblical prophetic timeline and hopefully lead some or many to faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

I would never attach a specific day and time to this or any other future Biblical event, and you shouldn’t listen to anyone who does offer specific dates; however for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear,” He did in fact give us clear signs to watch for, and those signs are everywhere, and I join many in believing that this event is imminent. The great news is that you and your loved ones can avoid the aftermath of this event simply by putting your trust in Him today.  

If you are reading this after the event, you were “left behind,” and as scary a thought as that is, you can still come to saving faith by putting your trust in Him.  You need to know that you are living in the worst time in history and half of mankind will be killed by the evil ruler known as the anti-christ who will come to power very soon after the event.  Don’t accept his mark and don’t believe his lies.  Trust in Jesus only.

The test of the prophets is 100% accuracy and if one looks back on history and views what has been prophesied and what has been fulfilled, it is clear that every true message/warning/prophecy from our Heavenly Father has occurred exactly as He said.  

I absolutely understand that this will fall on a lot of deaf ears, and I cannot tell you what to believe, however I implore you to do some investigating and look up the Biblical prophetic timeline through history and consider my original question from my original article.

“What if….?!”

Article first appeared in The Patriots Press

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