Locals Raise $2000 as Thank You Gift to Retiring Postman


Every once in a while, there’s someone who serves the community in many ways that he becomes a beloved member known to all. One such character is Terry Grazier from England.

Terry is the trusted man in delivering mail in Belbroughton and Bournheath. He’s been the village postman for 40 years and he completed his final round in July. Residents gave him a royal send-off at the Nailers Arms pub to show gratitude for his service.

I am looking forward to retirement but will miss the people, they have become friends and family and we tend to look after them. —Terry Grazier, retiring postman

Around 100 people came to the pub to congratulate Terry on his retirement and to say thanks. They raised $2000 as a gift for the beloved postman.

“I love all the people round the village,” said Terry, clearly surprised with the number of people who came to the party. “After 40 years they’re like family and friends. I know them all by their first names.”

The 72-year-old knew about the party, but he was expecting just around 40 guests, not 100. “It was a bit of a surprise, it was overwhelming,” he said.

The group sang “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” as he walked into the pub.

“I have been a postman for 43 years and have been in Bournheath for 40 years,” he added. “I am looking forward to retirement but will miss the people, they have become friends and family and we tend to look after them.”

Resident Lauren Stinton, speaking with BBC, praised him as “the loveliest postman ever” who always had time to chat with her children.

Meantime, Councilor Karen May, leader of Bromsgrove District Council and a resident of Bournheath, stressed the importance of Terry’s role in the community.

“A postie is front and center of your community,” she pointed out. “They’re the person that checks if they haven’t seen someone for a while. To have collected this amount of money as well just shows how much he is cared about and how much we will miss him.”

Terry is excited to “put his feet up” and expressed his plans to do some gardening during his retirement. He also jokingly said that he won’t be missing the rain now that he is retired from delivering mail no matter the weather.

“It’s been nice serving you all,” he told the residents whom he would miss.

“We wish him a long and happy retirement. We think he’s earned it after all the miles he’s walked,” Ms. May added.

Joyce Dimaculangan
Joyce Dimaculangan
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