‘Best Night of My Life’: 11-yo Shares Miracle at Asbury Revival


An 11-year-old girl from Virginia said she experienced a miraculous healing when she went to the Asbury revival in Wilmore, Kentucky last month.

The glorious occasion has ended, but its effect is still felt, especially for Helen White. After days of watching the nonstop prayer and worship service online, Helen and her family decided to travel 10 hours to Asbury University to experience the epic event.

“It was the best night of my life, I loved it,” described Helen. “I pray every night and thank the Lord that I got to go.”

It was beautiful, it was so simple, such simple worship, but it felt so holy. —Helen White, 11, Asbury attendee

The family’s time in Asbury was filled with miraculous moments. The biggest miracle was when God healed Helen from celiac disease and Eosinophilic Esophagitis, or EoE. She shared how a guy prayed over for her and her sickness and she felt tingling sensations which started from her hands and feet then all over her body. “I actually was healed,” Helen revealed.

Helen’s mom, Christina, was with her, praying for her daughter’s healing.

“I was just praying quietly and watching her interact with this prayer minister and she’s saying, ‘My hands are tingling. Okay, now I feel it to my elbows,’ and we would thank God and keep praying, then she said my whole body feels like it’s electric,” Christina told CBN News. “I don’t have to know what was happening in that moment because I know God was there, I know that was a touch from the Spirit and I know that He is moving.”

On the way to the university, signs that the chapel was at capacity might dampen the spirits of visitors, but not the Whites. There were thousands of people going to the small town, with a long queue of people waiting for hours just to join the service.

“We just started praying and said, ‘Lord, you’ve gotten us this far. If we need to watch the live stream we will, but would you just make a way, would you make a way for us to come and encounter you and to be in your presence,'” said Christina.

Four of them were walking on campus grounds when someone called that a space opened up for additional worshippers.

“We walked up and they immediately were like, is there any party of 4 here?” Christina said. “We were right there and we walked right in.”

“It was a moment when Jesus was saying, ‘Let the little children come to me, let the children come to me,'” she continued. “I kind of knew right then, I think we’re here for my girls to be here. As much as I wanted to come, this was for them.”

The group stayed for five hours basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“It was beautiful, it was so simple, such simple worship, but it felt so holy,” said Helen. She even had the opportunity to read Psalm 91, her favorite verse, in front of the crowd.

“I think the Holy Spirit was definitely there, and it was really cool,” said Virginia, Helen’s younger sister.

Christina believes that what happened in Asbury is just the beginning of more revivals in other parts of the country. “God is so unique He’s going to do it differently everywhere you go,” she said. “We’re crying out for revival and the truth is we don’t even know what that means truly. It’s kind of saying, God, whatever you want to do, we want it. We want you. Period. And so however you want to move, that’s what we’re saying yes to.”

Joyce Dimaculangan
Joyce Dimaculangan
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