Read what Danielle Mendocha, Columnist for Palm Beach Atlantic University’s, The Beacon, had to say about starting faith conversations and One Christian Voice.

Written by: Danielle Mendocha

As the spring semester comes to a close at Palm Beach Atlantic University, journalism students have been learning how to start conversations about faith and grow the Christian voice within the local community.

To aid with this lesson, students spoke with Dr. Gerald Wright, a school of ministry and cross-cultural studies professor at PBA.  Dr. Wright answered questions from students about speaking to non believers, having discussions about faith and reporting on religion.

When talking about starting genuine conversations with those of different beliefs, Dr. Wright noted, “If I can invite people to just tell me their story, and I listen well, I think people are often more willing to disclose about their faith.”

One example of a strong faith in the community is One Christian Voice, a website serving as a go-to resource for information about church events, ministries and news in Palm Beach County.

In addition to offering local reports, One Christian Voice also gives commentary on national issues from a Christian perspective.  Founder Rhonda Krill is passionate about serving the community, spreading word about local events and uniting Christians into one strong voice.

“My hope is that the Christian community will unite under one voice and use that voice to share the love of God,” Krill said.  “In order to reach people in the community, we need to meet people where they are at without judgment and serve those in need.”

PBA encourages students to be involved in the Christian community by offering several opportunities to join Bible studies and attend chapel services.  Additionally, students are required to serve the community by completing at least 45 Workship hours each academic year.  Read More

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