Seven Beautiful Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year


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1. Think be healthy. Think of your health goals for the new year not so much as losing weight, but more of the full picture of being healthier in 2023. Another ‘diet’, another yo-yo year of up and down doesn’t have to be your fate. So ditch the diet terms and think good health. 

2. Pray about your health goals including weight loss. So many Christians pray about some things, but live an “I got this” attitude towards other things in their lives.

Philippians 4:6-8 encourages us in this.
Don’t worry about anything; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and whatever is of good report; if there be any virtue, if anything be praiseworthy, think on these things.

Pray, accept God’s peace about being able to reach your healthy weight goals, thank Him for the victory and focus on the good health you have now. You may want to keep a gratitude journal and include details about your body and your health, even to the last blessed detail.

3. Be open minded. It may be time to challenge what you thought you knew about your body and good health. Assess where you are now and seek guidance about realistic goals. Our bodies are a gift from God and are truly miraculous in their abilities, but we may have been misguided over the years with all the new diet fad information.

Enroll in a food science class, enlist the advice of a professional nutrition consultant or dietician, or read articles about food basics again referring to all natural, organic, real food and how different food sources affect the body.

Retrain your thinking away from each new trend. Just as God’s word never changes, the basics of good nutrition never change either. Whole, organic foods, fresh herbs and spices, and pure, clean water are our best nutrition sources.

4. Get alone with God. If you’ve been neglecting your body, overeating, or continually making poor food choices, you’re you’ll want to get alone with Him ask His forgiveness. We are asked to steward this life for God and that includes our bodies. We all have many excuses for neglecting parts of our lives, and for some health is high on the list. But, praise God, we can come to Him and He promises to forgive our sins.

So forgive yourself. Search your heart, be sincere in your repentance, ask His forgiveness and receive the cleansing He promises. Include any other things that God brings to mind in prayer that He may ask you to come to Him with. Sometimes a ‘weight’ issue has underlying emotional reasons that God wants to heal in our lives. He’s more than willing, reach out to Him and He’ll reach back. 

5. Get moving. If you used to workout fives times a week at the newest crossfit studio and made it through your routine like a pro, but now you barely seem to walk a mile before being winded–relax. Hard core conditioning is serious business and if you haven’t done that in six months or a couple years, or never, don’t expect that from yourself. Just rest in Him and start where you are. You may never want to return to your old routine, and perhaps your are not supposed to. Make a new path, wander, stroll, jog, take up a new sport. Just start where you are, see the beauty and strength in being you, find some movement or activity that speaks to you and then – get moving. Don’t judge yourself. New ideas and horizons await you ahead and as long as the Lord is leading, it’s sure to be a great journ

6. Trust God. Trust Him that He made you just the way He wanted you to be. Be diligent about your health habits, but don’t compare yourself with someone else. Your bone structure, eye color, general shape and body type were specifically made by the Master Creator. He thinks you’re beautiful.

Focus on making health improvements that will bring out the best in your body’s ability to walk through this pilgrim journey. Celebrate even small victories. Cut down on sugar? Victory:) Ran your first 5k? Victory:) Eating more vegetables? Victory:) Your Heavenly Father will be pleased and you will experience more joy and gratitude being in the body he gave you.

7. Drink water. Drink enough water. Drink pure water. Many times we can be tired, slow in thinking, and hungry all because we’re not drinking enough water. Drink water from a pure source. Get a home filter.  Use BPA free plastic containers or glass to hold your filtered water if it’s not a built in system.

To keep it simple, drink about eight glasses per day. Yes, liquids can come from other sources, however, caffeine is a dehydrant, so coffee and even tea, if it’s your main source of liquid, pull water out of the body.  Drink more water daily if you consume a good amount of coffee/tea beverages. Switching to decaf and herbal teas will help.

Stay clear of sugary drinks and limit energy drinks. For a twist, enjoy your water infused with lemon and cucumber, with a touch of mint. (Place lemon and cucumber slices in a pitcher of filtered water, along with generous sprigs of fresh mint. Pour and enjoy several glasses throughout the day!)

Some final thoughts for a healthy you~

There are a multitude of ways to shed a few pounds in 2023. I’ve found over the years that cutting carbs significantly, replacing my sugar with pure stevia or monk fruit sugar (reduces cortisol effect) and cutting out snacking works best for me sans the occasional special occasion. I personally have plenty of energy, and keep the weight at bay quite easily. 

I don’t count calories, I eat plenty of good fats like coconut oil and pure butter, I delight in vegetables and enjoy proteins such as steak, chicken and fish. And, I’m never hungry. As well, I have heard testimonies from many that they’ve had the same good results. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian remember to keep your protein sources as pure as possible to get the best possible nutrition.

Additionally, a good foundational multivitamin is can be highly beneficial in today’s food culture. I recommend them in the form of a whole food complex or a liquid. Brands such as Terry Naturally, New Chapter and Ancient Nutrition are quite reputable. Additionally, if you’re feeling bloated or have digestive issues, a quality digestive enzyme works wonders, quite quickly, for many people. Acid reflux, think digestive enzyme. Enzymedica brand is one great source for these. (Please take some time to research what brands and sources of supplements, herbs and quality nutritious foods work best in your life). You may also consider getting bloodwork done in order to assess what you may be lacking in nutrients. If you’ve not done it before it’s work the minimal time and minimal investment. It comes with a full report, mine was 7 pages, and can be wonderful guideline on your health journey for 2023.

Other healthy tips to consider:

  • Apple cider vinegar, 1 to 3 TBSP daily. Dilute in water. Do not drink straight
  • Lemon water on a regular basis
  • Fasting and cleansing twice a year
  • Get at least eight hours of sleep a night, preferably including the hours of 10pm and 2am. (Use a natural herbal aid for sleep if needed. These are none habit forming).
  • Magnesium supplement (most Americans are deficient in this. It offers a relaxation component so it’s nice to take at bedtime).

If you’d like a personal consultation for your new year’s nutrition and/or fitness transformation, including prayer, please contact me at compassionfitnesskelly@gmail.

Session are 50 minutes/nutrition and 45 minutes/fitness. Packages available. Meeting via Zoom available.

Kelly J. Rabbitt
C.P.T./Nutrition Certified. Fifteen years in the Northern Palm Beaches

Kelly Jo Rabbitt
Kelly Jo Rabbitt
Kelly is a spirit filled speaker, author and missionary. Having graduated from a Biblically based supernatural training school serving as class president, she also holds a Master's in Divinity and has represented the U.S. as an Ambassador to Europe for Rotary International. Kelly has experienced profound transformation by the Spirit of God in desperate places in her own life, and serves Christ across all denominational lines. She has ministered in Haiti to members of the United Nations and has served Eastern Kentucky's Appalachia region's most destitute. Due to her Catholic upbringing, she holds a deep reverence for the Eucharist. Kelly has a passion for wellness and has been certified nationally with honors in personal training and nutrition from World Fitness Association since 2012. Her first priority, however, is the spiritual condition of a person. Kelly was born in Rocky River, Ohio, has lived in Erie, PA., and New Orleans, LA as a child, and has been a resident of south Florida for four decades. Her favorite hobby is spending time in nature. She also enjoys ministering in worship dance, and her most important spiritual discipline is getting the Word inside her spirit.


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