Gina Cerise, born in Belleville, New Jersey and raised in Short Hills, has been a musician since she was knee high to a grasshopper. In her youth, she was in a band with her family. The middle child of five children, she has been singing, writing and playing music most of her life.

While Gina has delved into various types of musical genres over the past decade, her most important mission is to use her musical talents to bring Scripture to children. She does this through music. Gina has played at a number of area venues over the years with her Scripture Band, such as the Pro Life 40 Days for Life Events. Today, due to limiting gatherings this past year, she is focusing on lifestyle videos and karaoke, both for children.

Every facet of my life is directed towards God. And it has been this way since I was 9 years old. ~Gina Cerise

Having written over 200 songs, her latest CD from The Scripture Band offers selections all straight from Scripture. Foot tapping rhythms intended for children make them inviting for anyone. Additionally, her lifestyle videos come through her Break the Bead ministry. She offers teachings on topics like exercising, being kind, and enjoying God’s creation, all from the fun delivery of ‘Aunt Gina’ that children ages 3 to 10 can enjoy.

Gina told Palm Beach Christian Voice, “A permanent fixture in my studio and retail store, taped to the wall, is a picture of a young Jessica Marie Lunsford who lived here in Palm Beach County. She lost her life to a sexual predator after being locked in a closet for 3 days and then buried alive.” Gina says she will never forget, and it is Jessica and children like her that move her to keep the Light of God open through her.

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, suffer not the little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for such is the Kingdom of Heaven (KJV).

Gina’s studio is quaint and creative. A green screen covers a main wall and multiple keyboards and various guitars, and video and editing equipment are a mainstay. Pink walls create a soothing space, and a hat rack holds various colorful head adornments for different character ‘styles’ depending on the topic.

A constant flow of musicians, writers, and business partners travel in and out of Gina’s creative space. She is routinely mind-mapping the new ideas that come to her. A separate endeavor is a screenplay that she just finished for her contacts in L.A. about relationships. Gina is disciplined, with an excellent work ethic, using every moment toward her mission to help “the children”. She is now re-adjusting since the COVID stall and is as determined as ever to accomplish her mission.

“When the doors opened, a man stood before me and told me, ‘Do this in remembrance of Me.'” She knew immediately what that meant, and she has been practicing this discipline ever since.

In the front of her studio is a retail space that houses her business, Dial-A-Rose. Dial-A-Rose is a floral bouquet shoppe located in Lake Park, that has been offering delivery from Lake Worth to Hobe Sound since its inception in 1984. Of it she comments, “There is so much love in this world,” referring to the love notes her customers ask to accompany the flower arrangements.

Gina said, “I use Dial-A-Rose as a way to touch people with the love of God as well. Every facet of my life is directed towards God. And it has been this way since I was 9 years old.” That’s when she gave her life to Jesus, having had the impulse one day in her yard as she was playing, to be like Jesus. She has never looked back. She was raised Catholic and today aligns with no specific denomination. And her heart is set on heaven.

One of Gina’s spiritual disciplines, aside from prayer is “breaking the bread’‘ every single day. She had a vision years ago wherein a man with a bright light spoke to her. In the vision she was shot up to heaven in an elevator. “When the doors opened, a man stood before me and told me, ‘Do this in remembrance of Me.'” She knew immediately what that meant, and she has been practicing this discipline ever since. Her life has consistently gotten better due to that, she gratefully shared.

Her song Scripture Band titles include, This is What the Lord Says, Seven Things God Hates, and the catchy You Lazy Fool, that teaches about the importance of work by watching ants instinctively know what to do to build their lives. All of her melodic tunes are taken right from Scripture.

1 Peter 4:10 As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace. (esv).

Gina has an organic sound in her music. You can hear her heart when listening. She says it’s all about the children and directing them to heaven. She believes if they know the Word and Truth about God, it can give them a fighting chance when darkness tries to overtake their lives. Ultimately, she would like to have a school to teach the children daily about God, about Heaven, and about how much they are loved. She wants to equip them to have a chance.

Gina speaks of heaven and Jesus throughout her workday in her studio and store. Every flower is picked with care and meditatively arranged for each client. The songs in her heart flow out as she works in her sacred spaces. She is a peaceful woman, with a mission. “It’s all about the children,” she intently proclaims. At times she can’t help but wonder if God is pleased with her. This is her heart’s desire.

Matthew 25:21 His lord said unto him, “Well done, though good and faithful

The creative gifts of Gina Cerise are limitless, and she uses much of her energy towards them for the glory of God. If you’d like to connect with her, get a CD, order flowers, or learn more about her various ministries, you can connect Gina at:, (which houses links to The Scripture Band, Children’s Church of Jesus, Break the Bread and As The Rose Blooms).
(561) 622 1843

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Kelly Jo Rabbitt
Kelly is a spirit filled speaker, author and missionary. Having graduated from a Biblically based supernatural training school serving as class president, she also holds a Master's in Divinity and has represented the U.S. as an Ambassador to Europe for Rotary International. Kelly has experienced profound transformation by the Spirit of God in desperate places in her own life, and serves Christ across all denominational lines. She has ministered in Haiti to members of the United Nations and has served Eastern Kentucky's Appalachia region's most destitute. Due to her Catholic upbringing, she holds a deep reverence for the Eucharist. Kelly has a passion for wellness and has been certified nationally with honors in personal training and nutrition from World Fitness Association since 2012. Her first priority, however, is the spiritual condition of a person. Kelly was born in Rocky River, Ohio, has lived in Erie, PA., and New Orleans, LA as a child, and has been a resident of south Florida for four decades. Her favorite hobby is spending time in nature. She also enjoys ministering in worship dance, and her most important spiritual discipline is getting the Word inside her spirit.
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