Christmas Candy Treat Bags

Create these cute Christmas Candy Nugget Treat Bags for holiday gift giving this season. They are easy to make when you have the right template and materials.

Here is what you will need to make these.

Materials Needed:

Pretzel cellophane bags ( Michaels craft store)
Green or color of choice card stock for inside package and tag
Stapler ( I used a mini stapler)
Nugget candies ( Hershey’s nuggets)- these are the perfect size for the wrappers
Candy wrappers and container template -follow instructions on templates
1/4″ wide red ribbon
Glue dots or scrapbook glue or double sided scotch tape

Templates for the candy wrapper, cardboard backing and tag.


1. Print templates and cut out.
2. Wrap selected wrapper around candy nugget, tape on back side or use glue dots
3. Make card stock nugget holder/container, fold up side edges of card as in photo.
4. Place double sided tape to secure nuggets on card stock holder/container.
5. Slide candies into cello bag, staple top closed.
6. Finish package with card stock flip card, tape or use glue dots into place. Make card stock package tag by cutting a 2″ x 3-3/4″  piece of card stock, glue or tape ornament Merry Christmas paper over the card stock leaving 1/8″ edges.    Open the tag front cover and staple the back side of tag to the cello candy filled bag, use tape to close the flap.

7. Make small ribbon, use double sided tape or glue dots to secure in place.
8. Label back of package tag- Candy type/nuts or nut free/ flavor.

Hope you enjoy your gift!  xoxox  Liz

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Here’s another chance to get the templates!


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